Christmas in the future


Christ-a-mas 2-ought-14
Sung to the tune of “Silver Bells

Village sidewalks,Image
Pillaged sidewalks
The aroma’s benzene!
As we stroll through this quaint part of Gotham.
So much hist’ry –
Makes one misty –
For so much of it’s gone
In a neighborhood that once was awesome.

On Bleecker Street
Gas fumes secrete –
It’s Christmas time in the future.
The nightclub scene
Is sparse and lean –
It’s Christ-a-mas 2-ought-14

What a shambles
As we ramble
Up to Gansevoort Street
Passing so many empty apartments.
Seems the pipeline
Took our lifelines,
Our clean water and air
And a few landmark buildings to boot.

Ever Green Singers introduced their Holiday Songbook last night to Washington Square.

Join us Saturday the 14th at 5:30
Monday the 16th and Thursday the 19th at 7:30
Under the iconic Washington Square Arch…if it’s still there!


O Spectra Gas


Ever green Charlie Brown

Another song the Ever Green singers will be sharing in the Greenwich Village streets on
Wed. 12/11 &
Sat. 12/14, 5:30 PM

Mon. 12/16 &Thurs. 12/19, 7:30 PM
Join us! We meet under the Washington Square Arch

Ever green word cloud

O Spectra Gas
Sung to the tune of “O Tannenbaum”

O Spectra Gas, O Spectra Gas
Please listen to our voices!
O Spectra Gas, O Spectra Gas
Make better energy choices!

You drill for gas beneath our feet
Releasing methane we must breathe.
O Spectra Gas, O Spectra Gas
Consider what you’re doing.

O Spectra Gas, O Spectra Gas
Think of the earth we’re losing
The children cry, the parents seek
A cleaner form of energy

O Spectra Gas, O Spectra Gas
Please help protect our future
O Spectra Gas, O Spectra Gas
We’re fighting for our future

Ever Green flyer arch hat