Christmas in the future


Christ-a-mas 2-ought-14
Sung to the tune of “Silver Bells

Village sidewalks,Image
Pillaged sidewalks
The aroma’s benzene!
As we stroll through this quaint part of Gotham.
So much hist’ry –
Makes one misty –
For so much of it’s gone
In a neighborhood that once was awesome.

On Bleecker Street
Gas fumes secrete –
It’s Christmas time in the future.
The nightclub scene
Is sparse and lean –
It’s Christ-a-mas 2-ought-14

What a shambles
As we ramble
Up to Gansevoort Street
Passing so many empty apartments.
Seems the pipeline
Took our lifelines,
Our clean water and air
And a few landmark buildings to boot.

Ever Green Singers introduced their Holiday Songbook last night to Washington Square.

Join us Saturday the 14th at 5:30
Monday the 16th and Thursday the 19th at 7:30
Under the iconic Washington Square Arch…if it’s still there!


Hey Cuomo!


cuomo 1One of the songs the Ever Green Singers will be sharing in the Village. Come join us!

Hey Cuomo!
Sung to the tune of “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”

Oh the gas pipelines are frightful
But renewables are so delightful
You’re the only one who gets to say “Go!”
Hey Cuomo! Hey Cuomo! Hey Cuomo!

Yes, fracked gas should be stopping
But the gas men are still shopping.
Bring energy costs down low.
Hey Cuomo! Hey Cuomo! Hey Cuomo!
We won’t give up without a fight
We know there will be a next storm!
And when we all start to unite –
Renewables can keep our homes warm!
Fossil fuels are quickly dying
The gas industry’s still lying.
New Yorkers say “Fracking no!”
Hey Cuomo! Hey Cuomo! Hey Cuomo!
Tell ‘em “No!”, Tell ‘em “No!”, Tell ‘em “No!”
Ever Green flyer arch hat